Worbla’s® Transpa Art – the transparent thermoplastic sheet by Cast4Art!


This material is incredibly flexible while it holds its shape very good at the same time.


Worbla’s® Transpa Art should be heated to 120°C (250°F) and as such it is strongly advised wearing working gloves with rubberized fingers while working with itWorbla’s® Transpa Art cools down after a few minutes but can be reactivated as often as you like. So it can be used to work bit by bit. It is also recommended to use a wet sponge, an old tooth brush, or sculpting tools.


If you are looking to create shining gemstones with LEDs, Worbla’s® Transpa Art is for you! You can dye the Worbla’s® Transpa Art by using e.g. iDyePoly® and work with the already coloured material. Window colours and spray paint can be used for painting it afterwards. Or you can use a coloured thermal elastic foil which is also used in car tuning. There are simply many possibilities for making your Worbla’s® Transpa Art colourful!


Surplus material should be, by use of a cutter or something similar, removed after heating the Worbla’s® Transpa Art again. Rough or milky areas can be worked again by using clear lacquer or nail polish.


If one layer is not enough or you want to connect several pieces, we recommend using clear superglue to keep it clear and transparent. But you can e.g. use rivets, a soldering iron or hot glue for affixing as well.


Before using the Worbla’s® Transpa Art for the first time it‘s strongly advised to watch the HowToUse Introduction (with English subtitles) at the Cast4Art You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-urKHWMGAB0


In addition like all the other products of the Worbla’s® Art Series it is non-toxic and solvent-free.

Worbla’s® Transpa Art - 37.5cm x 25cm

SKU: TAD-315