Worbla’s® Deco Art – the versatile thermoplastic modelling and moulding pearls from the Worbla’s® Art Series!


The material is activated by heating and hardens after about 10 minutes but can be reactivated at any time. This product is very easy to handle all you do is put the little pearls into a metal dish and dip them into hot water. As soon as the pearls become lucent it is ready to work with for pouring into moulds or shaped by hand.  You can even use it for smoothing and filling edges/ gaps in the Worbla’s® Finest Art.


Tip: heating it with hot air makes the Worbla’s® Deco Art extremely sticky to almost anything, using hot water instead reduces its stickiness a lot.

Worbla’s® Deco Art - 200g

SKU: TAD-327