Worbla’s® Black Art – it’s smoother, it’s black, and it’s beautiful!


This amazing product from Cast4Art comes as a sheet, but can be used as modelling putty as well.  Just as the internationally well-known Worbla’s® Finest Art, it's also activated by heat and can be re-activated as often as wanted to.


It got all the popular advantages of Worbla’s® Finest Art like all leftovers can be re-used; it contains glue and provides excellent modelling features. In addition it is extremely fine. Hence you got a very nice and smooth surface without refinishing and because of it is pigmented black, most of the times a primer coat is not necessary.


Using sculpting tools you can create amazingly smooth surfaces with it and carve out details & intricacies.

Worbla’s Black Art sticks easily to itself so for connecting several pieces or attaching ornament and embellishments you can work just as used to with the Worbla’s Finest Art.


All kind of colours such as acrylics or spray paints can be used for painting the Worbla’s® Black Art. Sometimes it might be a good idea using a plastic primer or a layer of wood glue before painting.


Accordingly the Worbla’s® Black Art does not only provide all the advantages and the quality of our worldwide favourite Worbla’s® Finest Art– no, it offers the user neat extra features, setting Worbla’s® Art Series into the next level of boundless possibilities!


Just as all the materials of the Worbla’s® Art Series the Worbla’s® Black Art is solvent-free produced and to proceed plus contains no hazardous substances.

Worbla’s® Black Art - 37.5cm x 50cm

SKU: TAD-322